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Can anyone tell me about this check? (spoiler warning)

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It's in Cliaban Rilag level 1 as you exit after clearing level 2. It's the gleaming object you see as you swim through the tunnel out.


What is this object, and what's the check? I'm guessing it's an Athletics check greater than 5. And can I decide to level Athletics a bit and come back for it later?

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Hi! You'll find a Skeleton that holds "The Rose of Salthollow", a unique morning star with the enchantments "Corrosive Lash" and "Draining" Enchantment. You need at least 16 CON to get to the Skeleton and grab that weapon - that's it. Bonuses from equipment and resting count.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Is is a constitution check, I beleive it is 15 Con to get it and it gives you the

Rose of Salthollow Morningstar



Thank you. I was thinking Athletics so I sent Aloth with his +2 Athletics boots lol! Eh, I don't have any characters who'd make good use of it anyway, but now I know.

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