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Grieving Mother intelligence and perception bug?



I just got the companion Grieving Mother and her intelligence and perception stats are reversed from everything I've seen online, unless I missed something. In my game that I downloaded and is updated to the most current patch from GOG, her intelligence is 12 and her perception is 17. Shouldn't it be the other way around? Is this a bug? Is it possible for me to make her stats go back to what's intended?


I included a screenshot capture.




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It was changed in patch 1.05, much to the dismay of proper roleplaying (GM is clearly a very perceptive person, not an overly intelligent one.)


I guess it was done because, with the current Attriubute System, INT is more useful to her than PER and her stats are fairly abysmal as is. If 2.0 changes PER to grant Accuracy, there will no longer be a justification (however poor) for this inane change, so I dearly hope GM will be changed back to her original status.

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Basically exactly what AndreaColombo said. Most of the CNPC:s had really terrible Attribute spreads, because the Attribute bonuses were terribly unbalanced. Instead of fixing the Attribute bonuses, Obsidian patched, in 1.03, the CNPC:s and changed their Attributes into mostly nonsense ones (Durance 13 to 15 Intellect, for example). Then in 1.05, they took it a step further and switched Perception and Intellect for Grieving Mother, which is probably the worst thing yet, considering that she's a pretty standard peasant midwife that happens to be a Cipher.


Hopefully, in 2.0, for which they have announced an incoming fix to the Attribute Bonuses, the 1.03 and 1.05 changes will be reverted.

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