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Northweald Fog of War Agro bug



There is ab it of problem with the agro mechanics. I have noticed it in small amounts in some interior dungeons but sometimes when you agro one group of enemies it chain agro into other groups obscured by unexplored FoW. This has manifested itself worst to date on the Northweald Map. In the far north I agro the first group of stilgears to the right of the cave and after they are dispatched I remain in combat mode, resulting in being unable to rest, use consumables or transition to other areas. As far as i can tell I have also agressed the additional packs across the stream but the AI does not consider me in its engagement radius.


I don't think this will be patched int time for 2.0 but it still needs logging.


Supplemental video in case My written text is less than clear.



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I also just had this bug. But mine didnt end combat even after I cleared the whole map (including cave). In my case, I think it's related to ending the At the mercy of the tribes quest. I started the quest, went to Northweald, talked to the tribe leader killed the sieged group and kept moving on. After I kill Cwineth is when combat never ends. Also, if I try to get back to where the sieged group was (before killing Cwineth), it also happens. It seems to be associated to not ending the quest and the quest region on the map. 

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