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still in total amazement

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Playing this game through again after 6 months. I thought maybe at first I was too ready to like and thus my review of the game was flawed... so I've played it again with a more critical approach 


I tried and failed. This isn't a review the game is too good to review I've lost my objectivity. The art direction of this game is the best I've seen in a CRPG fantasy game. It is stunning how beautiful a simple computer game can be. The zone and the buildings and just beautiful.


The combat is interesting albeit needing some gdamn scripts. I hate ordering someone to do something and have it not do it and just sit there getting pounded on. 


I am just enthralled by this game now. What a great and interesting story. It reminds me of planescape with the depth and great writing. 


I want a sequel wll donate more than 5 bucks this time. 


seriously this is game of the year in my mind without question. Maybe fallout 4 but this gonna be right up there in my book.  

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The game is very good and if they listen to the feedback carefully and not crowdfund the sequel, it's gonna be the best rpg to date.


Fallout 4 has one huge disadvantage: it's made by Bethesda and this means meh story, uninteresting and forgetable characters and most importantly bad (if any!) roleplay.

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