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Marceno's chest location in Ondra's Gift

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There's a post about this in April ("Fortanero's Fortune"), which doesn't mention the chest's location.  Marceno says it will be dreadful if the chest is opened.  Theres a chest in the Vaalian store which is apparently full of live things - I wondered if this were Marceno's, but got no prompts, and you can't open it; back to Marceno, no new dialogue options.  If this isn't the right chest, perhaps someone can give a me a pointer - not the location.  There was a clue that someone had been seen taking a chest East, but I haven't come across it.

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I will try and give you an idea of where it is.  Go up the right side of the map towards the Salty Mast.  There are several thugs there who will be hostile.  Fight them and then look for a chest which is locked.  It is near by.  You should get the option to pick it up.


Hope this helps as I can't give you an exact location.

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The chest (and the thieves) are near the southeast corner of the docks.


I would open it, it is obviously full of supa-powerful magic loot.

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Thanks, Nakia, that's fine, although my party is currently on the other side of Defiance Bay and about to head East!  Next time I'm near Ondra's Gift, I'll track it down.  And thanks, Fardragon ... I wonder what's in that chest in the Vaalian store?

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