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Please report crash message




This is my first post ever, and I have been using computers since the time of .........punch cards. 

I have been playing Pillars for quite a while and it was working fine until tonight when  the game crashed and a pop up message appeared  stating it would be nice if I would report the crash to the developer.  I read the "how to report" instructions but I'm not sure where to "drop" the files, and when I try to compress the save game, and error file 2015-06-26-21444 I get a message saying the file was too big to upload.  The output log and dxdiag is attached. 

As I said, I am new to forums and did try to find where to post this ---I hope this makes its way to the developers.

Thank you.  






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Thanks for your reply. The original error occurred  at Pearl wood Bluff

when I clicked on the  rock to use the grappling hook to go down the cliff to the cave. 

  I did restart the game  from where I left off, and  I was able to continue  without error.

I am usually able to solve game issues by reading tech support   etc..  but  wanted to report this as the popup message asked so nicely :) 

 As for Dropbox,  I was not familiar with it  ( I looked it up on the web and have learned something new so all is not wasted)

 I was initially  looking around for a "dropbox" on this tech support page. 

    By the way, I LOVE this game!!

 Thanks again for answering --- Pandora66

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Hello, Pandora66.  Sorry for the inconvenience the crash caused as well as the time taken to try and find a way to post your save.  The best way to post a save is to upload it to Dropbox and then posting a public link here so we can download it and take a look.  I'll take a look at your other files in the mean time and let you know if I find anything just by looking at them.  Thanks for the ongoing support and patience with this issue.

- Refer to this thread if you are having trouble finding any information I requested http://forums.obsidi...eport-an-issue/

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