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Who I ask to ship the thing right?

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I got an e-mail some days ago about my box being sent to me...


I today clicked on the tracking site to check, and the box was returned to sender due to invalid address.


I checked my address on Obsidian, and it is correct, then on the first e-mail where they told me it was being sent, and it was just plainly truncated, like if someone started typing and stopped, it is truncated in the middle of a number no less (ie: not in a space between words or numbers).


I clicked on the link on the e-mail, but ended on Paradox support site, that don't have PoE on their options....


So I am confused, who I ask to do it right? (ie: ship the box typing the full address, not half of it).

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^Paradox is in charge of shipping - use the contact form on their site - if no PoE option, use 'other' or the equivalent.


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