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BUG: Wizard unable to attack/cast



I had a problem a few days back where my Wizard could move and receive commands but was unable to actually attack or cast spells. He'd do the proper animation but nothing would ever appear in the combat log, no enemy would receive damage, and his spells would never take effect. This persisted from battle to battle; my Wizard only returned to normal after relaunching the game.


Today this happened again and I managed to figure out the problem. I cast Eldritch Aim and moved my Wizard after the cast animation was complete but apparently before the spell took effect. It did not deplete a level 1 spell or provide the accuracy bonus to my Wizard. However, the spell icon was grayed out and mousing over it told me it was already in effect (again, it wasn't).


I'm not sure why or how I am able to get my Wizard stuck between the spell completing its cast and taking effect, but it definitely needs to be fixed. I'm not yet certain if this can happen with other spells, but I suspect it can. If I find any more out I'll report it in this thread.

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