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Hi all,


I am really sorry to have to write this post but after trying to play the game since it came out, day one, the final straw came today when i started the game to try and discover what I was doing wrong in playing the game (more later) when to my dismay I discovered that all of my saved games were gone and the only option showing to me was to start a new game. Now dont get me wrong, I didnt have hours and hours into the game. I may have done if I could have worked out how to play a bow Ranger, a style i have played in all of my games (BG, BG2, EQ, WoW, DI games - sad I know, but am happy with my abilities in that style) but I am banging my head against the desk. Will come on to that. I have looked withing the genius of Google searching "All my saved games have gone in PoE" and I have noted all that has been said about copying saved games out of the file, re-installing the game etc but even that isnt agreed on nor does it work for all it would seem. My thing is, IT SHOULDNT HAVE TO BE DONE AT ALL. Sorry to shout but it is pure exasperation.


My main problem, and the one I have been battling against is combat. I know those of you who are game gurus have explained it elsewhere and I have been scouring You tube, etc to try and find answers but the problem is I play a ranged character with a wolf. Now, at the start of combat, in the intro, I set Calisca to knockdown and the attack whom I think is the mian problem. She will go in and knockdown then carry on attacking the mob. All well and good. A second target I will set my pet to attack and I will use my mark ability. All good. Wolfie attacks, I set my mark and carry on shooting till the mob goes down. Happy days.


Then one of the mobs die and it all falls apart. If Calisca is still attacking her target, I select my wolf (Shaznee for those that wanted to know) and set her to attack Caliscas target. A green placement marker appears when I click on the mob and Shaznee duely runns over to it and just stands there, doing nothing. I try to start shooting it with my bow. I have no mark left to set so I select attack and taget the mob. A green recticle appears at the feet of the mob and my RANGER runs over to it and stands there! She canot fire her bow and does nothing. If I select all of them and select attack, she starts firing her bow, the wolf may start attacking but Calisca stops and just stands there. I understand the engagement rules (sort of ) and can see that Calisca has the mob. There is also a green line going from my wolf to the mob the she doesnt attack.


When Aloth is recruited, he behaves in the same way! Launch an ability or spell, he does than then stops. I have auto attack enabled but that would seem to be enacted only if my character is attacked but as both my character and Aloth are ranged there is no chance of that happening.


I am trying to love this game as I have waited sooo very long for its type to come out but it is just beyond me. Maybe Im to stupid to play it. Maybe if have misread something, I just done know, but the joy is rapidly dimininsing for me and I think I will be setting this game aside. Im really sorry, but for my style, its unplayable as far as I can tell unless someone can tell me what Im doing wrong.


Appologies for spelling as I cant seem to find a checker


Safe and happy gaming all,



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Moved to PoE section. Wasn't sure if this fit better in the build/strategy or here in the general section. Lets see if someone can offer helpful feedback.

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