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Question about chanter phrase descriptions

Dinky Dino


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That's the total time the chant will last, taking into account your Int. The chant effect begins as soon as you start chanting, you just aren't able to move to the next chant until the duration is up. Int won't change the duration, meaning you'll be able to move on to the next chant just as quickly. Instead, it will extend Linger, meaning it'll last longer even after you've moved onto other chants.


I haven't tested it, but I think Int will affect the total duration for the % it says, and since the only portion affected is the Linger portion, the effect of Int on your chants' Linger is huge. In your case, your Linger is lasting 14.9 - 6 - 5 = 3.9 sec or 78% longer than its base duration.


Edit: We could test this. If I'm correct, your durations are 14.9/(6 + 5) = 1.35X as long as base, which means you have 17 Int?

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Nope my chant duration for that buff lasts for a total of 11 secs or duration+linger. This is across all phrases. But all of them have that extra time limit line I'm not certain what is for. My Int on that character chanter is 23.


I honestly can't recall but I think in the past it last way longer similar to that 14.9 sec so not sure if this is a glitch or not. Or it was nerfed a bit and the tool tip not updated.

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Hey everyone,


Sorry for the confusion. The time duration listed in the Friendly Aura information is the sum of the (Base Duration sec + Base Linger sec) X (Bonus Duration %) which is determined by your Intellect.  We have entered an issue regarding the time duration is not being displayed properly in our database.


Thank you for your feedback!

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