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Hello there,


I have search in forum and in the wiki but don't find anything about the experience system, maybe I don't use the right words.


Anyway, how the experience and leveling up works? Are the experience earned in quests and battle divided to the party or are always the same for every party member?


My question it's about playing solo. My character will level up faster if playing solo or have no difference?

I just did not understand the experience system yet.



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Experience is awarded for completing objectives - quests or parts of quests.  Also for certain other actions like disarming traps, picking locks and completing the bestiary entries on animals.

XP is given to party members equally.


Playing solo - there's a bonus to XP for each party-member less than the full 6 - but it's not equal to 6 times the XP if you play solo.

So you'll level faster but not 6 times faster.


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