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[1.06] Protagonist does Edér's banters with Hiravias in his absence (!)



If you've had Edér and Hiravias in your party at the same time for any length of time, then dropped Edér, your main character will have banters with Hiravias in Edér's stead (particularly weird when your character's a woman and speaks in Edér's voice.)


Due to the somewhat erratic nature of banters, this one might be a bit of a bitch to repro.






Load the attached saved game.

Observe that Hiravias is in the party and Edér is not; further observe that Edér is at the stronghold and the protagonist is female.

Wander around and make time pass until the next banter between Hiravias and Edér starts.

Observe that said banter takes place despite Edér's absence, with the protagonist speaking Edér's lines.


Note that in the saved game attached one such banters has just occurred, so it might take a while for another to fire. If there's a console command to force banters, use it.

Edited by AndreaColombo

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