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Potion makes my characters "stuck"



Hi! I've not played this game for a while now for various reasons. Now I'm lvl 12 and am about to beat the dungeon. I've discovered that first of all, the loading times are waaaaay longer than they used to be. Secondly, whenever any of my characters use a potion they will get stuck. Sometimes it makes combat persist and the ones who drank a potion can't move and sometimes combat ends but they still can't move. I don't depend on my potions very much but it would be nice to have a way of healing when my priest is immobalized.


Quite frustrating when u have such an awesome game (I really mean that since I'm quite picky with my games) and have these sort of game breaking bugs.


Anyone else that have experienced this? Anyone now a fix that doesn't include loading? Because that won't work for me.


(If this post was reposted about 3-4 times it's because this page would'nt let me post or it didn't get to the page instantly at least)

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