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BUG REPORT - Can't move on 8 floot Od Nua



Hello everyone,


I have a problem in Od Nua.


To understand :

I make a part of the infinite paths on the 1.05 release (until floor 8) then i continued the main story.

I updated to 1.06.

Now i want to continue the infinite paths quest (since floor 8) but as soon i arrive on the floor 8, my guys (tryed with the main character only too) are stucks.

I have NOT the green icon to "move", only the red one (crossed red circle).

I can still open iventory, and click back on the stairs icon to move out, but i can't move the the next downstair.


I put my save game here


(I don't put screenshot, that don't show the red icon :/)


I'm up for any help you need to fix it :)

Good game btw, having a lot of fun on it =)



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Hello, sorry for the inconvenience.  It appears from your save game that Sagani's pet, Itumaak was stuck in collision.  I was able to go back upstairs and he was no longer stuck.  I then proceeded to go back downstairs and was able to proceed to level 9.  Sorry for the inconvenience, hope this helps.  Thanks for the support!

- Refer to this thread if you are having trouble finding any information I requested http://forums.obsidi...eport-an-issue/

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Hello again,


After checking files by gog client (i installed the game manually), it appears there was something missing.

After the missing upgrade, i was able to move the team in the 8 floor, so i put "solve" on that subject and thankx you a lot for your answer !

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