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For a given ability, the tooltip will change to reflect the damage based on your Might, or the duration based on your Int. However, if you have more Int and a DoT (damage over time) ability is lengthened accordingly, this doesn't also increase the total damage listed on the tooltip. In order for DPS (damage per second) to remain constant, the total damage of a DoT would have to increase with greater Int. So does it, and it's just not reflected in the tooltip?


Otherwise, what you would have is the ridiculous situation that lower Int, while shortening the duration of DoTs, would actually increase their DPS. A good example of where this can matter is how I build my ranger. I would more readily give her only 3 Int if her Wounding Shot would do the same damage in less time.


Edit: I see the tooltip of Wounding Shot has its hobble duration reduced by less Int, but its DoT effect still claims to last a full 12 sec. Perhaps physical abilities behave differently than spells this way? What about spells, like Necrotic Lance or Chill Fog?

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not consistently


-some abilities will do more DOT ticks (more damage on target) with more INT

-some abilities do fixed amount of damage so more INT means more ticks thus less total damage on target (DR subtraction more times) http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/79653-intellect-hit-quality-adversely-affect-total-damage-inflicted-by-wounding-shot-enduring-flames-and-wounding-unique-weapons-dots/

-some abilities will try to list total damage inflicted/heal before DR. Some will show amount healed/inflicted per tick ..


Very messy

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Wow, I just spent some time reading your tests and watching your video explaining your methods. Very very nice and informative. It looks like I finally built my rogue well, going with basically the Prince of Persia Blue Edition build here and hiring a ranger adventurer with the same stats min-maxed.

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