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Pausing corrupting some vfx/physics?



I have auto pause enabled for finishing ability casts and targets being destroyed and have noticed some weird stuff going on sometimes (not always).


When the game pauses as an ooze dies, the ooze death animation still plays and kinda expands across the whole screen before disappearing.


When I pause "just at the right time" some particle vfx then multiply as I unpause. Most noticeable for will-o-wisps attacks (the weird electric solar flare looking attack). Sometimes when I unpause the thing appears multiple times on top of itself, making a white cloud and tanking framerate untill it clears up.

A similar thing happened in a pwgra fight, but i'm not sure what was being casting at the moment.


I've had a xaurip not fully pause when auto pause for its death kicked in. Everything was properly frozen, except the xaurips head which was ragdolled and dangling from a stretched neck like a tetherball untill I unpaused.


When fighting teleporting shadows there's some weird behaviour when I pause/unpause while they're doing the ability. Paused the game when one teleported and half a second after unpausing it ported right back to where it was before.


So far I've only been seing these kinda of issue with enemies, not sure if it has anything to do with it.


Has anyone else been experiencing these kinds of glitches? I've only noticed one other thread with something like this, from april.

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