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For Obsidian's Eyes; Blending Art.


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I have been 'blending art' for almost ten years; without any artistic skills of my own, I use other people's work as my paint and my gallery is my paintbrush. On my gallery you will notice that the theme, most of the time, blends softly together. I connect picture to picture through a hard-blend of color and culture, and a soft-blend of nature(s). This is how I was imagining visually prior to playing Pillars of Eternity ( which opened my imagination further, to writing ).


Male and Female, Grass and Green, Ground, Sky and Sea -

more advanced,

Male and Sun, Mind; Body and Earth, Female, etc.


I create visual experiences using art to my followers, which are 14, but many people follow me secretly in light of improving their own galleries, and taking on the same techniques as I incorporate into mine.


It would be beneficent to Obsidian to take note of, simply, blending art.


Potential offensive content, at times not safe for work ( though nakedness a majority of the time is professional looking ) @ satans.sphinx.tumblr


Enjoy, and if you have any questions, ask away.

King of Kings

Lord of Lords

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