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[BUG] Regeneration and draining



There are several bugs with these two abilities/effects:


  1. When endurance is already maxed out, draining still shows healing done in battle log. In-game green health number does not show up which is correct. Battle log should be fixed to not show healing performed.
  2. This is probably related to a more general bug affecting over time effects (healing or damage) which makes these to not show up in battle log: regeneration healing does not show up in battle log, however in-game green health number is represented. Battle log should be fixed to include over time effects (healing, damage)
  3. [This is a variance of bug #1 but explains the issue better] Draining always shows the theoretical healing in battle log and not the actual performed healing. For example if a maximum of 4 endurance points can be healed by draining but only 2 are needed to reach max endurance value, battle log will show 4. In-game green health number correctly shows the actually performed healing. You have a picture below with the difference between the two: notice the 2 green number versus the 4 battle log value.



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Thanks Derek for your reply. However, I must say that the intended design seems quite suboptimal. I know that this is lower priority with respect to real bugs, but the lack of combat log information for over time effects is quite an important gap. Do you know of any plans (in the reasonable future) to add this feature?

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