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Hastening Exhoration does not affect reload speed on guns correct?

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As the title says.  It only affects attack speed/recovery right? which is separate from reload.  So Hastening Exhortation on a gunner is wasted correct? his recovery is a bit faster but he doesn't attack that often and reload speed isn't effected....right? lol

Have gun will travel.

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I did and I know for sure that the recovery time for everyone and spell casting speed Is affected as well as attack speed. Reload speeds are harder to tell.

Have gun will travel.

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So what is attack speed? The actual animation of swinging your weapon after your recovery bar empties and you attack?



This chart diagrams how this stuff works, which has enough variables that it'd be difficult to explain it all in words: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bzc2Dec83wSnY2F4WjgzaHhXVnM/view?pli=1


One thing the chart does not show are guns (and crossbows and arbalests, which the game considers guns). Guns have a reload time on top of their attack and recovery time. They spend most of their time in the reloading portion. So the Sure-Handed Ila chant, which increases both attack and reload speed, would seem to be twice as good for a gunner, but in fact it is equally good for all ranged. Conversely, something that only increased attack speed (like Hastening Exhortation) would make only a very small difference for a gunner, but something that increased only reload speed (like the Gunner talent) would increase overall speed by a large portion of the % stated, seeing as guns spend such a high percentage of their time reloading.

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Unless it's been updated by someone, though, that chart is super-super-outdated.


Alright, I'd be willing to believe that, but do you know specifically what things work differently now than depicted in the chart?


Nope. Mechanically I think it's correct, it's just that the listed times are wrong. Unless I'm mistaken, it was shared by Sawyer during the beta to explain how things worked, but everything's been tweaked since then.

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