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Level-Up Button is a little yellow cross at the upper left side of your character portraits (ingame, only appears after level-up ;) ).

Never noticed any of these controls discrepancies in game, but might well be... I noticed some discrepancies between the attributes in the manual and in the game if the posters here are true... for example: Awareness does NOT really affect accuracy, right?

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Apologies for this basic question: but, where is the level-up button on the Character page?


Also I notice some discepancies between the controls in the manual and those in the game. (no R for Rest)

By default, there is not hotkey set for "Rest/Camp", but you can do this manually, by assigning a key to that action. Some default settings are rather weird, granted. For example, I only recently found out that the blue circles I'm seeing are actually the color-blind friendly setting which, for some mysterious reason was set by default after installation... :)


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