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1.05 Multiple bugs with Autumn Decay druid spell



1- The damage over time portion is not increased by spirit of decay talent

2- The combat log report shows incorrect damage over time for graze/crit

3- The combat log report of the damage over time portion does not take into account DR

4- Hovering over the debuff icon shows the same incorrect damage over time numbers as the combat log

5- Hovering over the debuff icon only show 2 autumn decay effects even if more then 2 autumn decay effects are applied

6- The character sheet debuff description show incorrect damage


 How to test:

- choose a high endurance character victim, either completely naked or only wearing some corrosion DR

- note victim health

- have druid unload lots of autumn decay into victim

- look at combat log / debuff icon / character sheet debuff description

- note victim health


 Looks like other damage over time abilities might suffer from the same defects but I didn't test them thoroughly.

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