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Hi all!


My name is Chris Taylor and the I'm the designer of Lords of the Eastern Reach, the new strategy card game from Zero Radius Games. ZRG is a partnership between myself, Scott Everts, Feargus Urquhart and a few of our friends and gaming buddies. Here at ZRG, we've been making games for over 10 years and we've been working on LOER for over two years.


Lords of the Eastern Reach is an officially licensed product based on Pillars of Eternity.


We are currently running a Kickstarter here:




Obsidian is kindly letting us use their forums. Thanks, Obsidian!


The Announcement and News forum is for posts from the ZRG team for important updates.


The Speculation & Discussion forum is for general posts about the game.


The Kickstarter Q&A forum is for any questions from backers or potential backers specifically about the Kickstarter campaign.

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Chris Taylor (either of these devs with this name ;) ), with a nick anarchy, bodes really well :) Welcome to you! Looking forward to news and information about LotER (?)

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