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Few questions regarding Pillars of Eternity map

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Pillars of Eternity wiki mentions that Dyrwood is divided into 7 erldoms. Locations of 6 of those erldoms are mentioned. However, wiki says nothing about the location of Ashfall. Is somewhere in the game mentioned where exactly Ashfall is located?


Does anybody know the name of the river that flows into Defiance Bay? I only now the name of Bael river which is found south of this river.


I would much appreciate if anybody could post here other places that do not have a name in the official Pillars of Eternity map. Thanks


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Ashfall—Still one of the more contested territories in Dyrwood, Ashfall was the site of the War of Black Trees. Its eastern border shifts with pressure from Glanfathans and the boldness of settlers and explorers. The Abbey of the Cloven Wheel is technically part of Ashfall but the monks have never sworn fealty to any sovereign.


All I've got. *shrug* I don't remember in-game info, but it was mentioned somewhere, I think. Maybe someone else has the quote.

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