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Hi there.


NB: sorry for my english, this isn't my mother tonge, be kind.



This game is really nice but in my opinion there is too mush obvius features who aren't avaible yet or not implemented. And one in particular is really anoying.


The map Note !


Why there is no option to make one the map some note like "dungeon to explore" / "Quest no taked" / "important NPC"  etc etc, well, Note ! on the world map and local map.


I really don't understand because for all infinity engine RPG-like that a great option, and sorry if some of you still like to take note on paper, in 2015 in my opinion a simple option like that isn't obsolete and don't distrubed those who still want take note on paper.


sorry if i seems to be mad, just a little disapointed :s

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Even though I rarely use the map-note writing features in games that actually have them, I still really appreciate and like the idea.

I could be mistaken, but I don't think it would be that hard to implement either

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There is a note section in the journal where you could write the name of the area or even make seperate notes for each area - the only downside is you can only edit by backspacing from the end - I'm hoping they fix that part

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