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Why do people recommend giving priests the elemental talents?

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I usually go for Marksman, Gunner and Weapon Focus and make a priest of maghran for that extra sweet +10 in accuracy for Arquebus.  On Potd I also go for inspiring radiance...thats a +5 acc boost per encounter.


Yea, that's what seems logical to me to do, but I read this guide: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=416939844 and it recommended I go for the elemental talents. I haven't seen any other resource that's as comprehensive as that one yet.


Thanks for the advice.

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They have spammable fire and frost spells, and very hard hitting fire spells. I usually take only scion of flame, which in my opinion is an absolute must. A lot of the builds in that guide are kinda gimmicky though and you'll be able to do better once you get familiar with the game. But it's ok for a beginner, as they are better than randomly generated chars or autoleveled companions.

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