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Fragments of a Scattered Faith Bug?

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I went to Cliaban Roman without Eder and found the Readceran Standard Piece however I didn't get the option to have it read. I then bright Eder back to the camp defeated the looters but it still didn't give me that message. How can I continue that quest?

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If this is a case of not having a Cipher in your party, then you do need to go to Dunryd Row to get it read or bring the Grieving Mother (or a merc cipher) with you. However, if this is a case of you not even getting the conversation about the standard piece in the first place, you might be boned. If that's the case, try putting the standard piece back where you found it then picking it up again while Eder is in your party I guess?

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Sorry for the extremely late reply. Nothing I do gets this quest ended so I moved on and I'm on chapter 3. There is no way to take it out of Quest items to put it back. I may need to finish the quest by using the console. Thanks for the tips though.

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