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Shadowing Beyond + Finishing Blow(on strike abilities) doesn't grant backstab bonus [this is a bug right ?]



It seems to me shadowing beyond invisibility only grants the backstab (+1 to sum of additive damage mods)  bonus when using regular attacks to break invisibility ..  (even then it doesn't always work )


I never got it to work when breaking invisibility with finishing blow/blinding strike/crippling strike/withering strike (full attack on strike effects) ..  


Seems to me it should work with those those (for the first swing)  too ..  ( shadowing beyond + backstab + finishing blow seems like a great combo, in theory, for taking down boss units per rest cycle and only justification to bother with the backstab talent, only it just doesn't work .


Working as designed or BUG ?


You can get backstab, sneak, deathblows and finishing blow for swings out of combat vs own characters but never get it to work in combat vs enemies :(.. 


Finishing blow , crippling strike, blinding strike, withering strike BREAK (shadowing beyond) invisibility BEFORE the first (melee) weapon swing ... Currently you need to break invisibility with regular attack (to get backstab) and then apply finishing blow (without backstab) .. (different timings, longer execution duration, smaller payoff) ..Sneak + Deathblows will give bigger payoff without the need for /per rest shadowing beyond since they don't put a restriction on the debilitation on strike abilities (blinding/cripple/etc ..)

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