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Need to reach level 12, but running out of quests... & Where to find Persoq

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Here are the quests I have left aside from the 2 main quests left - pray to Gods and travel to Burial Isle:

- 4 Bountie's on 4 monsters

- Finish traveling and talking to Durance to figure out whatever needs to be figured out about him

- Finish traveling and talking to Grieving Mother to figure out the weird dream

- Finish Endless Path (have not even started that one yet) + quests within, like the magic seal quest + do it with Kana

- Forge the Broken Sword from 4 pieces found in Endless Path

- Get 3 birds for someone in Twin EIlms (Song of the Wild)

- Kill Raedric - the Fampyr version

- Deal with the Dragon for Helya's Temple

- Reach the cliffs (The Long Hunt) and find Persoq - a quest from Sagani

- Any quests I might find after returning to Defiance Bay after its rebuilt from all the burning after Duc's assassination


If I complete those - will I get to level 12? I hope to be level 12 before I face Raedric again. He was real tough at level 9.


The Long Hunt quest I highlighted - where is Persoq and the cliffs? I have NO idea where to look. I opened up all the maps and searched through every cave, except for the Endless Path.


I only have 6 days to finish the game before Witcher 3 arrives!

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