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Infinite money in Twin Elms (and an extra beagle)



Since this is my first post on the forum: Thanks for making a wonderful game, it's been fun from start to finish.

Here is a 1.05 save (GoG, Win7) with a few glitches/exploits:


Infinite money - Alarhi's special prices after "Hard Bargain" present an arbitrage opportunity
Steps to reproduce:

  • Talk to Alarhi
  • Sell sapphire from stash for 950cp
  • Buy back immediately for 713cp

Works for all gems, a single round of selling every gem then buying them back nets about 15000cp; this can be repeated indefinitely. Not new, also worked in 1.04.


Slow Ituumak - The movement speed of ranger animal companions in scouting mode sometimes gets bugged (I think this was also reported elsewhere); save/reload, dismiss/recruit, quit/restart don't seem to help.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Walk anywhere when in scouting mode; Ituumak moves significantly slower than the rest of the party.

The glitch originally occurred in 1.04, and did not get fixed after loading & saving in 1.05.


Stronghold Typo - In the prisoner list the spelling "Captain Esmar" is followed by "Captain Esmer"

Extra Beagle - If someone wearing "Cloak of the Fox and Hunter" casts "Essential Phantom", then the resulting Duplicate can also summon a beagle (and the original cloak's daily ability is not used up).
Steps to reproduce:

  • Have Aloth wear "Cloak of the Fox and Hunter"
  • Initiate combat
  • Have Aloth cast "Essential Phantom"
  • Have Aloth Duplicate use "Summon Noble Creature"

In 1.04 this could be used to build a beagle army; in 1.05 it only gives a free extra summon for each Essential Phantom.


Screenshot for infinite money:



Screenshot for beagle:



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