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[] Dmg calculation and negative defense modifier bugs


Hi Dev team,


Please help to fix the issues below:


1. Swamp slime is getting way more damage than it is supposed to. This essentially breaks the flow of the endless path exploration for me since these poor creatures fall like flies while the battles are supposed to be much more difficult:







2. When the attributes provide a negative modifier to a particular defense, the subtracted amount is X-1 instead of X. For example let's take a Dargul. By default it has 40 (Defl) 35(Fort) 35(Refl) 30(Will).


Its attributes are:


Per 12, Res 10 --> + 2 Defl
Mig 10, Con 22 --> +24 Fort
Dex 18, Per 12 --> +20 Refl
Int 12, Res 10  --> + 4 Will


This provides the following default defenses:


42 59 55 39


Let's apply the following afflictions: dazed, flanked, frightened, prone


dazed: -2 Dex, -2Per, -2Int

flanked: -10 Defl

frightened: -2Res, -2Dex (suppressed)

prone: -2Dex (suppressed), -10 Defl, -10 Refl


Per 10, Res  8 --> - 2 Defl (bugged to -1)
Mig 10, Con 22 --> +24 Fort
Dex 16, Per 10 --> +12 Refl
Int 10, Res  8 --> - 4 Will (bugged to -3)

This provides the following defenses 19 59 37 32 instead of 18 59 37 31. And here is a picture as proof:



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