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Character Creation Bug



The human racial bonus to Might is not being recognized during attribute distribution. 

It will display as 11 "10 + 1 (Human)" but display 0% Damage and +0 Fortitude

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The "bug" isn't related to racial bonus, but to cultural bonus. If you move from ATTRIBUTES to CULTURE, and then move back to ATTRIBUTES, whatever cultural bonus that you choose will be shown as -1 during the attribute distribution. So, for example, let's say that you have X points in Intellect, and you pick Old Vailia for +1 Intellect. If you move back to the ATTRIBUTES screen, and change your Intellect to 10, the game will show it as 9 in the tooltip.


So, in other words, in the left side of the screen you will have 10 INTELLECT, but in the right side, it will be shown as 9 INTELLECT for -6% AoE, -5% Duration, -2 Will.

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