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Hi guys, quick newbie question:

I want to play as a fire godlike monk, but I'm wondering - will the damage reduction from Battle-Forged cause me to accumulate Wounds more slowly? Not sure if Wounds are determined before or after damage reduction. If it's after, I guess it kinda messes with the core mechanic of the class. 


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I can't answer your question, but one quick info about fire godlike: The retaliation damaga sucks on anybody except bugged barbarian with OSA (which gets fixed with the coming patch) so not sure if the race is a good pick for monk. Moon godlike paired with high endurance and mediocre deflection is a pretty awesome combination. :)

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After damage reduction from what I remember of my monk time.  I made a high deflection monk one time and couldn't get wounds.  Eventually, I went lighter armor, two weapon style, etc, and it worked out fine.


I'll echo Moon monk is pretty great.  So much good synergy.


Edit to add:  Also Rooting Pain is pretty decent for the "retaliate" feel so won't really be missed by not going Fire God-like after level 7+.


And MIGHT effects healing from Moon, and does double duty for the Transcendent + Fist (from what I read).

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