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[1.04] Druid spells switched or description inapt



Using the search function I can not see anyone reporting this, but I have the feeling two spells have been switched around in the druid spell list.


Level 3; Returning Storm; base duration 30 secs.; base damage 20-30; stun duration 3 seconds - Speed: Slow

Level 5; Relentless Storm; base duration 15 secs; base damage 9-12; stun duration 2 seconds - Speed: Average


All other variables the same, though the description says that Relentless Storm strikes frequently and Returning Storm says periodically - if this means that relentless storm strikes two times in the time returning storm strikes - it is still less damage output, less stun and less duration. Even if it is tripple as fast the duration and taking DR into account it is very debatable if the level 5 is worth it at all. Frequently and periodically are too vague a terms to see the advantage of a level 5 spell that casts a little faster but seems in all other methods weaker.


Nothing is stated in the 1.0.5 patch about this (except that wind blight can cast returning storm only once per encounter) - which I can not check as I got this wonderful game through GOG and not Steam.


The forums also did not came back with this while using the search function. Hope I did not by accident adress something that was already known/clear.

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