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Can someone change the color of that pic ?

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It would be nice that this picture...




fits the color of the Wild Orlan skin. Cause they can't be white (even if they should be - by the way).



So i you have skills to turn him dark blue or in any color that fits Orlans it would be nice and i already thank you for this and in the name of all players that can't create a male Wild Orlan because there are no portraits at all.


Thank you for reading at least and don't let this topic go down please.

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Yeah, it's.. a bit annoying that a lot of portraits are essentially impossible to emulate (and vice-versa). I made an Orlan from The White That Wends, with this very portrait, only to discover that nope, you can't actually have a white-furred Orlan. The same goes with a lot of other things; it's hard to get a good blonde or a good black (as opposed to golden and dark brown), the pale elves either get blueish or blonde hair, and a female heart orlan portrait has black hair, but again, there's actually no black hair.


Some Orlan portraits even have eye colours that orlans can't even choose.

Also, why the hell do several CNPC:s have unique colour set in their inventory that you cannot reset? Change colour because you want to set the colour of your cape and it's gone forever.

Also, I want winter pelts for the animal companions.

But yeah, I can't actually help you with that, but this was a good of a place as any to bring this up.

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Is there a way to ad this without replacing the vanila one? Also wish someone with the skills for it would edit some pics for certain model apearences like the hair model similar to ragnar lothbrok from vikings


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