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Missing Emails and Unfinished Dossiers



In my several playthroughs of the game, I have never been able to complete the dossiers on Alan Parker and G22. I'm told by the Alpha Protocol Wiki that I'm supposed to have two emails from Mina over the course of the game in which she offers to gather intel on Thorton's former Alpha Protocol colleagues and I'm supposed to use both to research Parker if I want his full dossier. Trouble is, I've only ever gotten one of those emails. The two orders I've most recently played the game through are, first, Rome, Taipei, Moscow, and then, second, Taipei, Moscow, Rome. Am I supposed to do Moscow first in order to get this second email?


Similarly, at some point during or after Taipei, if I left at least one bug in G22's servers, I'm supposed to get an email from Mina containing the third piece of G22's dossier. Well, during the course of the two playthroughs I mentioned, each time I got a dossier piece on Albatross and one on Omen Deng, but nary a peep about G22 itself.


These aren't the only missing emails I've noticed according to AP Wiki (I've also missed out both times on an email from Mina in Rome containing general Alpha Protocol info and one from SIE in the final safehouse containing banter), but these two are costing me dossier completion, and that gets under my skin. Especially the first one, which limits my options in the final mission.

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