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  1. In my several playthroughs of the game, I have never been able to complete the dossiers on Alan Parker and G22. I'm told by the Alpha Protocol Wiki that I'm supposed to have two emails from Mina over the course of the game in which she offers to gather intel on Thorton's former Alpha Protocol colleagues and I'm supposed to use both to research Parker if I want his full dossier. Trouble is, I've only ever gotten one of those emails. The two orders I've most recently played the game through are, first, Rome, Taipei, Moscow, and then, second, Taipei, Moscow, Rome. Am I supposed to do Moscow first in order to get this second email? Similarly, at some point during or after Taipei, if I left at least one bug in G22's servers, I'm supposed to get an email from Mina containing the third piece of G22's dossier. Well, during the course of the two playthroughs I mentioned, each time I got a dossier piece on Albatross and one on Omen Deng, but nary a peep about G22 itself. These aren't the only missing emails I've noticed according to AP Wiki (I've also missed out both times on an email from Mina in Rome containing general Alpha Protocol info and one from SIE in the final safehouse containing banter), but these two are costing me dossier completion, and that gets under my skin. Especially the first one, which limits my options in the final mission.
  2. Overall, I really like this game (the Thorton, Inc. ending, in particular, is just sheer undiluted badass, especially killing Leland with the "data disc"), but I do have a handful of quibbles that stick with me. 1. In the Thorton, Inc. ending, if you leave Leland alive, Thorton is still implied to have taken over Halbech. But...how? If you don't kill Leland, he's still the CEO. (Or the CTO. Or the Chairman of the Board. The game seems to get a little fuzzy on this point, but he's definitely the man in charge.) And there's no way Thorton can implicate Leland in Alpha Protocol's crimes without also damaging Halbech, perhaps irretrievably. So how can Thorton take the company over if he didn't do away with the guy already running it? 2. The Halbech missile data in Brayko's mansion, which is apparently so important that it's considered to be a reasonable option to abandon SIE/Albatross to be tortured to death to get it. I've done the mission both ways (first skipping the intel to go after my handler, then using my Technical Aptitude to be able to get both), and I don't notice any difference in the subsequent missions. If this data is so important, why is it never mentioned again? Or is it mentioned, and I just missed it. 3. In Taipei, Omen Deng works for President Sung. And the evidence you showed Sung about the assassination or the riots came from a hard drive you stole from Deng's men, with the implication being that Sung is completely in the dark about both issues until you tell him. So...why couldn't Deng have gotten a message to him (they have to have some way to communicate, or Deng's status as a deep cover agent would be useless to Sung) and warned him about both plots?
  3. I have heard tell that, in the final scene of the game, you can arrange to have Scarlet leave on the boat with Mike. I no longer believe this. I think it's a myth, like honest politicians or frozen pizza that's as good as delivery. I've played the game through three times now. The first time, I didn't know about the boat, so I didn't plan for it. I used SIE as my handler for the final mission (so I could get the "Ladies Man" achievement), rescued Scarlet from the interrogation room, accidentally abandoned Mina to die (because I went through the wrong door), and got the "Thorton, Inc." ending. I ended up on the boat alone. The next two attempts, I was aware of the boat and tried to plan ahead accordingly. I read on the Alpha Protocol Wiki that, if you have Heck as your handler for the final mission, Scarlet can end up with you on the boat at the end. So I went with Heck, saved Scarlet, deliberately shot Mina on Leland's orders, got the "Thorton, Inc." ending...and wound up on the boat with Heck. The third time, I was getting a little sick of that ending, so I went with Albatross as my final handler and went for the "No Compromise, No Mercy" ending. This time, I didn't even get the opportunity to save Scarlet from the interrogation room, saved Mina (with no option to kill her), and ended up getting shot by Scarlet while menacing Leland. Even after I talked Scarlet out of killing me, I wound up on the boat with Mina. In all three cases, I had 10 points of rep with Scarlet. In all three cases, I had gotten the "Exclusive Interview" perk. And in all three cases, I had 100% of Scarlet's dossier by the end of the game. So...I have to know: is it actually possible to get this game to end with Mike riding off into the sunset with Scarlet, rather than with Mina, with Heck, or alone? What's the secret here?
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