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Deep Wounds Tested!: Damage over time, ticks time/dmg, INT value influence and how toolip is wrong!

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My test results 

- Envenomed strike & Deep wounds do RAW damage (bypass DR).. ES has base damage per tick 12 , DW has 3 .. (every 3 seconds) 

- Might bonus applies normally to both ticks

- INT affects duration for both abilities 

- DW is autohit provided weapon hits - so hit quality does not affect its damage. 

- ES duration is affected by its separate hitquality check vs fortitude .. 

- both overwrite themselves at reapplication from same character - did not test with multiple chars .. 

- DW is superior in hard fights vs hard to hit bosses - since even a graze eaten by DR will guarantee 25+ RAW damage on a high might, high int rogue ..

- ES can hit very hard on high INT&Might char but only after you've debuffed deflection & fortitude (at which point it isn't a hard fight anymore) 


test data

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