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Ok, short of respeccing her, comments on how to do this?  The fact that she has peasant weapons as her specialization is a huge drag: hunting bows, due to the prevalence of high DR enemies, are virtually worthless.  And the Fox's stats are bugged, at all 10s, while the Fox's lack of athletics means it's often fatigued w/o you realizing it.


So, how do you make her work, or at least be more effective? 

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There are a few quite nice unique Hunting Bows in the game - deck her out with one and enchant it as needed to keep up. My main advice is to take the two modal talents that decrease attack speed (both) while increasing damage (one of them) and DR penetration (the other). I don't recall the names, but one is a Ranger talent and the other is a general talent. Keep them both on at all times. Hunting Bows attack fast enough for you not to miss the attack speed, and the +20% damage and +5 DR pen is great.


Put her in clothes since Bows have ridiculously long range and she should only be getting targeted by one ranged enemy at a time at most. Mark a priority target at the beginning of the fight and just let her go to town. She doesn't have a lot of flashy abilities, but she does very nice damage. And Itumaak serves as a decent blocker to keep stray enemies from harassing your squishies (or as a damage amplifier for Sagani depending what talents you take).


Hunting Bows aren't optimal, but they can get the job done. If you wanted to play optimally you wouldn't be using Sagani in the first place. :p


Personally, I like her VO and character, so I use her and enjoy the decent physical damage she brings to the table. The fox should be patched soon - having 0 athletics and 10 in all stats is surely not intended behavior. So for now deal with it, and look forward to it being fixed.

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On my latest playthrough, I re-did her attributes and gave her different talents, but let her keep the peasant weapon focus for flavor (since Eder gets an extra flavor talent, why not everyone?).


So, yeah, I respecced her.

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