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Changing your choice in the Council of Stars -- by the console





I've decided that I made the "wrong choice" in the Council of Stars -- I'd like to talk to the God I'd agreed with, say "Er, hang on a second, actually <this> is a better idea", and carry on with the story. 


Of course, an in-game option doesn't exist to let you do this. 


Does anyone know of a console command to manipulate some variable to unset the fact that I've agreed to serve Hylea? I've had a look, but I'm unable to find a relevant object property (NPC_Hylea seems to just refer to the physical pillar, for example)

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It is intended that you can change your opinion in the end. You will get six choices, not only four. I would suggest to stick to the right choice and bear the wrath of Hylea because the kind of punishment will be probably unexpected.

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