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Switching members breaks the party



I put this in the main Technical Support forum but it seems to persist into 1.04 as well, so I think a repost would be helpful


Basically what's happening is that after leaving Od Nuea, Kana was removed from my party. After adding him back, he never actually got added back. He'd just be standing somewhere on the map, unable to be interacted with (and I'd be unable to leave the current map as well because he's seen as part of my current party, somehow)


I was able to temporarily get this resolved by uninstalling and re-installing my game, and then again after verifying the integrity of my game cache in Steam, but at this point it's happened again and it doesn't seem like anything is working.


I jumped up to 1.04 to see if maybe it was an isolated issue but it seems that it's still ongoing. I've at least been able to isolate the issue as a problem with Kana and no other character, however.


My game save is too big to upload but I've archived it and the output log into a dropbox link.


It basically reads "PartyBar thinks 'Companion_Kana(Clone)_-1' is a Chanter, but no chanter trait found." over and over again until I exit the game. 


Hopefully someone has some insight here..


https://www.dropbox....ut log.rar?dl=0

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I suggest a temporary fix that could work and is worth trying.


FindCharacter (Your Watcher's Name Here)

FindCharacter Kana


Make note of both ID's and make sure the game still thinks Kana is named as you described above. For example we'll pretend Kana still has the same ID.


AddToParty Companion_Kana(Clone)_-1

ChangeClass Companion_Kana(Clone)_-1 Chanter

TeleportPartyToLocation (Your Watcher's ID Here)


Since the game is saying Kana is a chanter, but no traits of a chanter present, then maybe assigning Kana to be a Chanter and leveling back up may fix it. If that does nothing, what happens if you try to change Kana to a fighter for instance and then back to a chanter to reaffirm the class elective?


Doing the above will:
Add Kana to the party

Reaffirm Kana's class as Chanter (be sure to spend the points and immediately level back up before changing maps)

Teleport your party as one unit back to where the player is standing just in case Kana is present on the map but stuck in some terrain at some point as many summons have been reportedly doing.

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