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[bug] no way to see attribute value for Concentration and Interrupt in Character sheet



Description -


Currently there is no way (that i can see) to view the total value of the attributes Concentration and Interrupt in the Character Sheet. 


Apologies if it is there and i am simply missing it


Steps to reproduce

1. Open the Character Sheet

2. Confirm  no way to view the total value of the attributes Concentration and Interrupt





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Concentration and Interrupt are (currently) based entirely on Resolve and Perception, respectively.  That information is displayed on the character sheet.


There is a feat that is supposed to increase your chance to interrupt an opponent (Interrupting Blows), but it is currently bugged and so has no effect if you take it.


Some spells or abilities have an increased chance to cause an interrupt, but the amount of that increase would not be reflected on the character sheet.  (I don't think even the descriptions specify the amount of the increases.)


As far as I know, no items increase your chance to interrupt or resist interruption, except by increasing your Perception or Resolve (which is reflected on your character sheet).


To check for an interrupt, this comparison is tested: X + (Attacker's Interrupt) + (random 1-100) > 75 + (Defender's Concentration)

For a graze, X = -25; for a hit, X = 0; for a crit, X = 25.

If the comparison is true then an interrupt occurs.

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