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Slow "running" bug?





So I'm not sur what the hell happened, but after completing 3 bounties, my main character started to "slow run". Not sur how to call this. Let me explain.


If I select every other party members, they run at normal speed. But as soon as I select my main character with my party, everyone start to run slowly (like if I changed the game speed to slow). And if I, for example, select Eder to make him run at a location and then switch-select to my main, Eder changes his speed to run slowly. Wtf?


I tried changing the speed of the game to see if it would fix the issue, no. I tried go in a combat and get out, still not fixed. Tried to suppress affliction on my main char, nop. And I can't freaking reload, because the game auto-saved after changing area. Great. Awesome. The speed of my main char doesn't even change in combat, he stays at half speed, basically.


Am I stuck with this bug for the rest of my playthrough? Is it a known bug? Anyway to fix the issue?


I'm currently uploading a very short video on youtube to show you the problem. Gonna take around 30 min though, my connection is crap.


But yeah, help... please?

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