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Monk Wound Duration?



While playing with a tank monk, I sat her in the middle of a group of mobs to stack wounds and check out Turning Wheel.  Several seconds into the fight, she got up to 8 wounds and then they started to vanish.  Lost 3 wounds back to back (to back), gained another, then shortly lost two more before the fight was over.  This is, of course, without using any abilities that cost wounds.  I did nothing but let her auto attack and occasionally pause to look at combat log specifics.


Is this intended behavior?


I spent an hour searching forums and reddit, but couldn't find anything that documents a duration for a wound in the current system.  Is it a holdover from the previous wound system that converted some damage into a dot?  I didn't play the beta, but I assume that an unspent wound under that system would fade once the damage it had converted was fully applied, which completely makes sense under that system but is kind of terrible under the current implementation where wounds are nothing but a resource.  Ciphers don't lose unspent focus during a fight.  It's even worse for a monk, given that their resource availability is a function of their own endurance and health pools.


If it is a case of wounds having a duration because that's how they worked under the old system, any chance that could get looked at and, hopefully, removed?


Or I could just be bugged.

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I don't believe that you are bugged; it happens to me as well, and always has (edit: I wasn't in the beta so by this I mean since release).


It is very frustrating; my character paid for those wounds and my build is built around the idea of no spending wounds but instead allowing them to statically increase her damage output.  That should be a legitimate build concept, because there are feats and items designed specifically to benefit from unspent wounds.  She still works as a character even though the wounds drop off, but I can't really think of any good reason for them to do so.  There's already a cap on how many wounds can translate into increased damage, so there's no danger of her damage reaching crazy levels if the wounds remained.


At the very least the mechanic (wounds falling off) needs to be better explained.  Ideally I'd like to see it removed entirely.

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