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hi everybody, i would like to open a topic about opening moves.

please forgive my bad english ;)


i always play with two healers in d&d likes, in my actual game ( and first PoE one ) , its two clerics.

my strategy is to kill as fast as possible one oponent, focusing on the healer if there is one. if not i focus on the weakest foe at range.

my group is lvl 5 and im in act 2.


this example is about figthing a humanoid small group, i'd say 5 to 8 foes. i settle my party in a place easy to defend,

like a door , a corner, a bridge, ect...



____tank_____ranger pet_______






___ ranger_______wizard_______




first i try to kit the enemies with the ranger's pet , so i can shoot them while they run, trying to alpha one enemy. 

this is also giving me time for consecrated ground and armor of faith. 


before contact

tank ( defender  ) : arquebuse healer/weakest oponent

cleric 1 : consecrated ground

cleric 2 : armor of faith

wizard : slicken vs ranged casters

rogue : bow vs healer/weakest oponent

ranger : bow vs healer/weakest oponent

ranger pet : nothing/kiting


on contact

tank : knock down vs 1st melee oponent

cleric 1 : holy radiance

cleric 2 : lvl 2 offensive spell vs healer/weakest oponent

wizard : lvl 2 offensive spell vs healer/weakest oponent

rogue : bow vs healer/weakest oponent

ranger : bow vs healer/weakest oponent

ranger pet : melee avoiding tank


at this point the focused foe should be dead. the rest of the fight depends on situations, id rather crowd control the casters/ranged enemies with wizard slicken and focus the dps on a single melee target at the time.

if a foe breaks the agro and goes in the middle of my group, i switch focus on him immediatly.


comments welcome, please share your opening strategy !

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I use a barbarian a paladin 2 ciphers a priest and a mage (although thinking of dropping the mage)


Formation doesnt matter much other than casters near the back.


My opening moves are priest uses interdiction barbarian uses shout. If its a really messy fight my ciphers will use item summons if not they will position themsleves to flank the main body to attack mages etc. Paladin uses an item bound spell - those rot gloves are awesome (my paladin is a glorified mage with an aura when loaded up with items that have casts per rest) mage casts depending on the situation maybe a slicken, if a messy pull he will use Kalakoths minor blights.


At this point most things are dazed weakened frightened and possibly sickened.




Both ciphers will find an appropriate target to body bind (either a mage/cleric or the bulk of the enemies) this diables pretty much the entire enemy party with stuck /paralyze (the aforementioned debuffs wrecks enemies will defence, so now you wreck their deflection and immobilize). Barbarian who is not a tank uses fury and attacks the main group, paladin also attacks or casts another spell, cleric may use holy radiance for accuracy buff if a small engagement, blessing if a larger one. Mage casts whatever fits the situation - I do like blinds. 


Attack horde, reapply body binds as appropriate and one cipher may use phantom foes, use flames of devotion for heals etc.


Long sotry short Ciphers are over powered body bind is broken and when you stack damage on them: biting whip, two handed, savage attack - estocs: they break the game. (most things in game have low will defence; the main exception would be spirits)


This set up works fine on path of the damned, although admittedly I haven't finished the game yet, but Iv'e yet to encounter much trouble aside from early game shadows and phantoms.

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