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  1. If your planing a solo potd wizard then you probably know enough about the mechanics of the various spells. But on the off chance some pretty basic advice is helpful here is what I would do if I was going to make the attempt. Race moongodlike for the heals and the stats align with what you will be prioritising although death might be useful if you plan to use alot of damage over time area effect spells as you will always get 'tick's' when there is low endurance maybe take bloody slaughter to synergise. You will probably focus on deflect and draining to survive, control might be a litt
  2. Make the pets a per rest summon (no timer lasts until death). Summon the right pet for the right situation and if your paper pet dies summon another after it. That way rangers have greater tactical options (solves the boring aspect) and solves the issue of the pet being a handy cap that requires too much micro as the pets are more disposable. Also give a ranged pet so there is less micro or some magical mythical pets that could act as a healer, a dragon/wyrm for fire attacks etc. Although I could also agree with the get rid of all pets altogether and make a ranged specialist class.
  3. I use a barbarian a paladin 2 ciphers a priest and a mage (although thinking of dropping the mage) Formation doesnt matter much other than casters near the back. My opening moves are priest uses interdiction barbarian uses shout. If its a really messy fight my ciphers will use item summons if not they will position themsleves to flank the main body to attack mages etc. Paladin uses an item bound spell - those rot gloves are awesome (my paladin is a glorified mage with an aura when loaded up with items that have casts per rest) mage casts depending on the situation maybe a slicken, if a
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