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Switching members breaks the party



I'm not sure I can reasonably explain what's going on but I'll try, so bear with me.


I first noticed the problem in my stronghold, after switching out Kana with another party member that wasn't in my active group to level them up. After finishing up that process, and putting Kana back in my active party, the slot where Kana should be was empty and his character model was standing in place. I couldn't interact with it at all, and any attempt to leave the map was met with "You must gather your party before venturing forth". 


Eventually I had to reload a save. Thinking that it might just be a random environmental variable, I left the stronghold and after recruiting Hiravias decided to stick him in my active party as an experiment, and the same situation happened with him. The party slot that he should occupy was empty, his character was not anywhere on screen, but I was still not able to leave the map and had to reload a previous save.


Not sure if this is something I triggered, or something others have experienced, but it's kind of breaking my game. I can't switch out party members, ever, or everything breaks.

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OK, so, I was able to temporarily get this resolved by uninstalling and re-installing my game, and then again after verifying the integrity of my game cache in Steam, but at this point it's happened again and it doesn't seem like anything is working.


My game save is too big to upload but I've archived it and the output log into a dropbox link.


It basically reads "PartyBar thinks 'Companion_Kana(Clone)_-1' is a Chanter, but no chanter trait found." over and over again until I exit the game. 


Hopefully someone has some insight here..




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I've been doing some more experimentation and I've pretty much got it narrowed down to an issue with Kana, and no other party member, after installing the beta 1.04 patch and then reverting back to 1.03.


So I can at least use other party members, but not Kana. At this point, I can actually get him back into my party but he's the ONLY member that I can focus on and give direction to (can't use anyone else to move, or attack).


So there's that.

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