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*need addiditonal male godlike heads ASAP*

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just wish they could add some portraits for the godlike. since my imaginations are used to convince myself that there is nothing strange to have a character totally naked while she does have her shoes on. unlike others races, the godlike don't seem able to change their haircut and the cut off their own horns should not be a pleasant option, that's spanish torro things, and even the dirtiest torero wont chop the whole horns, there should be at least something for that game.

beside, the authorities of the raedric's court should not be pleased to realize some of their immigrants are using passports with fake photos, for the national security sake of course.

should be easy to use the custom ones, but im far too lazy to do that, and i dont like those lore-unfriendly ones. it would be really nice to allow my barbaric death godlike to have a fit diabolic portrait with the same art style as his teammates.

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