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Hi all,


I want to make a build that is focused on perception and quiet (but inspiring)  resolve who doesn't like hurting others (at least personally), so he focuses on making those around him better.  


For stats - I was thinking of making him highly perceptive, high resolve, mid-high intelligence and low Might .  


I'm looking at chanter class for the buffs, paladin would be another obvious choice but I consider them a bit too martial for what I'm going for.  For RP purposes I was going to think of him as being more of a "mystic mutterer" during combat rather than a flamboyant performer.  


With the stats being highly defensive ... I'm guessing the role I should shoot for is some sort of off-tank that annoys (interrupts) rather than dealing damage.  I wouldn't mind keeping him off the front lines altogether, but it just seems like the defensive stats would be wasted in such a case ... and RP wise the party should probably get annoyed rather than inspired if he doesn't do SOMETHING useful in combat.    


So ... first off is this at all viable, and then looking for any suggestions to make the Character more useful without starting from scratch on the concept. My biggest concern is that with the stats I was thinking of there won't be much left for Constitution ... which may compromise his ability to be on the frontlines inspiring his teamates (even if not doing much damage).  


Thanks in advance.  

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I went with an orlan paladin built as a primary tank and never regretted it, both for combat and for conversations.

you can set both perception and resolve to 20 right at the start on an orlan, give them a bit of intellect, and you're on your way.

I think I went:

6, 10, 6, 20, 13, 20  or somewhere close to that.  use an arbalest for an intial damage hit in combat using flames, then switch to sword and board and go tanking while your teammates shovel out damage.

your ultra high perception and resolves scores make you nearly untouchable, especially as you level up and your faith and conviction scores get ever higher from all the conversation options that will bost your preferred disposition, and they also help with almost all conversations in the game.  rest at the inn in defiance bay that gives a +4 boost to int, and you also can pass nearly every intlect check in the game, plus it will increase the radius of your zealous aura choice by a significant margin.

I thought the low strength would make me not enjoy this build, but I was wrong, it's an awesome paladin build.


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