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1. Lord of Atlantis - Island Aumaua/Fighter/Rauatai/Aristocrat


Stunlocked and killed by a shadow in the Temple of Eothas.


2. Lord of Atlantis - Island Aumaua/Fighter/Rauatai/Merchant


Killed by wolves after talking to a traveler who was afraid of getting killed by wolves.


3. Aumauan Idol - Coastal Aumaua/Chanter/Rauatai/Merchant


Stunlocked and killed by Duriel the xaurip skirmisher at the Madhmar Bridge spawn point.


4. Lord of Atlantis - Island Aumaua/Fighter/Rauatai/Merchant


Flanked, stunlocked, and killed by shadow and spectre at Caed Nua.


My next TCS attempt will probably be an orlan paladin named Orlando. While typing the PoE to D&D dictionary, I explained that orlans are like a combination of halflings, gnomes, and catfolk. SwiftKey kept trying to autocorrect orlan (lowercase) to Orlan, and catfolk (lowercase) to Catholic. Thus, Orlando the orlan paladin.

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1) Tiello the monk-died of too many bears

2) Rhaegar the barbarian- died of Druid raw damage to the face

3) Cernai the chanter died on the bridge to the monk with infinite stuns

4) Kylar the rogue- died of too many bandits


Sorry what exactly is this supposed to be :p?

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It's a memorial for our TCS attempts, silly! To remember those that have fallen.


Kind of like in Dungeons of Dredmor or other roguelikes where the high score screen is a memorial to how far your characters have gotten.

ohhhhhh god too many to count lol. I'll edit mine later with where they actually died if I can remember mostly the temple and care nua


I don't wanna jinx my current run but I hope I've burried my last hero

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