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The relations between Skaen and Woedica [Ending Spoilers]

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Skaen popping up at the end and asking you to help Woedica came as a surprise to me, since I thought he hates her. 


Is he helping her because he is, well, "coded" to be a minion of Woedica's? Because he, like all the gods, is just a concept or ideal brought to life, and his basis just happens to be quiet rebellion and resentment - and if he has no boss, he has nobody to rebel against? Because if that is the case, he really is the most pathetic of the gods. And I mean that in a "good" way. 



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More complex, I think. Woedica has the portfolio of vengeance...I think Skaen gave her that, and follows her until she succeeds in her rebellion. Then, at the apex of her glory--only after she has won--he will take his portfolio back, and she will be powerless against the other gods.

That's what Skaen does. He only gives his blessing until you are no longer being oppressed.

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